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The Future of Home Care

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an increased focus has been placed on the future of senior care. With nearly two-thirds of COVID-related deaths in B.C. occurring in long-term care, seniors are looking for ways to live independently in their own homes longer. However, if this past year has taught us anything, living at home with limited daily interactions can be an isolating experience. Recreation therapists can play an important role in supporting this shift.

Currently, seniors who qualify for home care receive help with necessities such as bathing, medication reminders, and meal preparation. However, these vital home care staff are limited with the amount of quality time they can spend with each client. According to the B.C. Seniors Advocate, 86% of those receiving home care get less than two hours of home support, on average, per day. This does not leave adequate time for important emotional and social connection. Isolated seniors are left with a high risk of hospitalization and long-term care placement.

Recreation therapy for seniors living at home can help to keep them connected with their communities, overcome barriers to participation in recreation, and reengage them with activities that bring them joy and wellness. In-home exercise programs can help to reduce the risk of falls, the main reason older adults lose independence. This support improves quality of life for older adults.

Incorporating recreation therapists into the home care model could be an important step in improving senior care in our province.

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