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Life Story Prints

Updated: May 24, 2022

Several of my clients recently moved into care communities. I was brainstorming ways to support them (and their families) as they transition into long-term care.

My idea… share their stories.

As a result, I have designed these customized prints:

So often the details of a resident’s life are tucked away in their chart. I want to see these life stories on full display for care staff, volunteers, fellow residents, and visitors. “All About Me” templates spark conversations and promote person-centred care.

The categories featured in the template are:

- Birthplace

- Family Life

- Favourite Memories

- Life's Work

- Ideas for Visits

- Ask Me About...

I work with residents and families to gather information and photos for the prints. The custom designs are available as digitial downloads or high-quality prints.

They can be displayed in their suite or framed as a keepsake. Visitors will read their life story to learn more about the resident and create moments to connect and reminisce.

My motivation is to encourage personalized care for your loved one, especially those living with:

- Dementia

- Alzheimer's

- Parkinson's

- Stroke

- Language or communication challenges

I have created a variety of designs and layouts. The view the options follow this link:

I also create bulk orders for all residents living within a care community (including assisted living, residential care, memory care, independent living, and retirement communities).

Please get in touch to learn more or order your print today!


Phone: 778-984-7144


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