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5 Tips for Virtual Visits with Seniors

Staying in touch with our older loved ones is more important than ever. Once you overcome the technical troubleshooting of a video call, consider these tips to make your virtual visit positive and supportive.

1. Prepare a few conversation starters in advance to keep the chat engaging. Keep in mind their interests and find a topic specific to them. Share a positive local news story.

2. Drop off picture books for them to read to their grandchildren during the next video chat.

3. Ask them to prepare a 'show & tell' by choosing an object in their home and sharing its significance. Do the same and show them a memento that brings back positive memories.

4. Consider incorporating physical movement into the video call. Join them in some gentle chair exercises to encourage stretching and mobility. Give them imaginative cues such as climbing a ladder or marching in their chair.

5. Make the visit purposeful – ask for their famous recipe or advice on a home repair project. Sharing knowledge and skill can make a person feel valued.

Bonus tip - Keep it short and sweet! Having regular, short visits can be the best way to make the interactions successful. Put another visit on the calendar so the senior has something fun to look forward to.

We'd love to hear from you. Contact Time Well Spent to discover how we can support you in caring for your older loved one.

Stay well!


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