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Making Past Hobbies New Again

Aging shouldn't mean giving up your favourite hobbies. In fact, supporting older loved ones to stay connected with the activities they used to love has many benefits including physical and emotional wellness. While it may not be possible to continue activities in the same way they did in their youth, making small adjustments can allow them to continue participation and enjoyment.

Here are some ideas for making past hobbies new again:

  1. Fishing – visit a local hatchery to view salmon and chat with volunteers. Time it right and you might spot salmon spawning in the river.

  2. Hiking – Ask to walk the neighbour’s dog, pick up trash along your route - these are simple ways to get motivated and add purpose to the physical activity.

  3. Housework!? - many busy mothers didn’t have much time for traditional hobbies. Knitting and sewing were a necessity to keeping their growing children dressed. Consider making activities purposeful by knitting hats for newborns or socks for the local shelter.

  4. Athletics – a love for sports does not fade with limited mobility. Tap into the competitive spirit with a game of balloon volleyball or bean bag toss.

  5. Travel – while it may not be an option to travel currently, you can explore the world through Armchair Travel. Google Arts & Culture features virtual tours of museums, art galleries, and tourist destinations. Add some tasty regional cuisine and souvenirs as props - you are basically a world traveler!

We can support your loved one in adapting past hobbies to reengage. Learn more:

Phone: (778) 984-7144

Stay well!


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