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"How do I choose a long-term care home?"

This is a question I receive frequently from overwhelmed families faced with the important decision of selecting a long-term care home. One helpful resource is the Long-Term Care Facilities Quick Facts Directory from the B.C. Seniors Advocate. This directory compiles important statistics regarding direct care hours, licensing infractions, and the availability of care services (such as recreation therapy!). The statistics are easily compared to the provincial averages.

Each care home profile also provides a link to the Residential Care Survey results. This satisfaction survey was conducted with residents to get their perspective on food quality, social engagement, cleanliness, and much more. The survey was conducted in 2016/17 so it is somewhat dated. However, it can provide a good starting point to assessing the quality of care provided by a care home.

This resource can be one piece of the puzzle when navigating care for aging seniors. I have not yet found a similar resource for home care providers but I will be sure to share it when I do!

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