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Small Moments = Big Impact

A common question I get asked is “what is recreation therapy”?

I like to use this example to demonstrate how recreation therapy can use a simple leisure activity to produce big benefits:

On a sunny afternoon, Mr. R sits outside focusing on a puzzle. He is matching nuts and bolts on a small piece of polished wood. While he works, he is reaping a number of important benefits from the task.

- Fine motor skills: Mr. R is working to maintain the dexterity needed to button his shirt, lock his door, feed himself with utensils, and perform his own personal care. These skills all help to maintain his independence and reduce demand on his caregiver.

- Emotional wellness: by sitting outside in the garden he can experience an improved mood, enhanced focus, and lower stress levels.

- Mental stimulation: cognitive puzzles for older adults, especially those living with dementia, can provide positive brain stimulation and impact concentration.

- Sense of self: this activity provides an opportunity to reminiscing about his past career as a machinist.

Time Well Spent staff specialize in pairing our clients with activities and programs that are targeted to their specific goals.

We'd love to hear how we can help your older loved one maintain their skills. Get in touch!


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